Yealink VC120-12x Video Conferencing System

Brand: Yealink
Product Code: TELE-0221
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The VC120 is Yealink’s latest innovative 1080P full-HD video conferencing endpoint for small and medium-sized meeting room. It is designed to provide ease-of-use, high-quality and cost-efficiency. To make life easier still, the VC120 supports an Intelligent Firewall Traversal which allows users to plug and play with no further firewall configuration from box to work in just five-minutes. In addition, VC120 also supports bandwidth dynamic adaptive adjustment, and an 8% resistance packet loss. In the latest version, users can enjoy 8-party 720P calls (asymmetric) with multipoint license, plus linkages to mobile phones or PCs for a more convenient conference call experience.It is definitely the best choice for business video conferencing. 





Yealink VC120-12x Video Conferencing System components:

  • Yealink Full-HD PTZ Camera
  • Yealink VC120 codec
  • Yealink VCS Phone
  • 2 x Yealink CPE80 Expansion Microphones
  • Yealink Remote Control

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Multipoint license for up to 8 parties
  • H.264 high profile, saving 50% bandwidth
  • Yealink Intelligent Firewall Traversal
  • Bandwidth dynamic adaptive adjustment
  • Video recording and playback
  • Remote diagnosis
  • Dual displays and ‘focus’ feature
  • High compatibility and interoperability
  • TCP/IP & RS232 with API support
  • 1 Year Warranty

 PartnerNET Yealink VC120-12x Datasheet

HD video

The system offers 1080P30 people+content shared video conferencing. It also supports full-HD dual stream to demonstrate documents or videos, a development that significantly improves the user conferencing experience.

Optimal HD Voice

The Yealink VCS Phone has several built-in microphone arrays and supports 360 degree voice pickup. With an optional expansion microphone KIT, the voice pickup range can be extended to up to 5 metres. 14KHz CD level broadband audio quality, plus a number
of new leading-edge professional voice processing technologies, guarantee users an excellent audio experience.

Outstanding User Experience

Yealink VC120 makes maximum use of its advanced features to provide an outstanding user experience. Yealink supports intelligent searching when making calls. During a call, you can adjust the screen layout as you wish. In addition, using the dual-screen display you can show whatever you like on a second screen at full size. This system also supports video recording and screenshots to record conferences more efficiently. An outstanding user experience leads to lower learning costs and higher efficiency.

High Interoperability

Yealink VC120 supports SIP and H.323 and is compatible with the industry’s major system and terminal vendors, introducing an important cost-effectiveness and flexibility that helps users to expand their businesses. Interconnection is also possible with other devices, such as video phones, tablet computers and smartphones. Users can access video conferencing at anytime and anywhere at their convenience.

Manufacturer Yealink
Product Type Video Conferencing System
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