Allo Blox eSBC ver 1.0 - Session Border Controller

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Allo Blox eSBC ver 1.0 - Session Border Controller

Every year the number of PBX fraud victims increases dramatically. More and more companies are targeted by individuals who are looking to bring down or exploit the communications system. 
Some do it for fun and others for illicit profit, but the end result is always the same… Huge bills and down time. The most vulnerable targets remain small-medium size businesses that are new to managing their own IP PBX system. Allo Blox eSBC ver 1.0 is a Session Border Controller built to Protect & Manage between IP Network Borders.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Session Border Controller for up to 60 simultaneous Channels
  • Secures your internal PBX/Gateway VolP Network from external network/internet
  • Handles SIP-NAT issues observed in common VolP deployments
  • Conducts DPI Packet Inspection of SIP traffic, supporting the Signatures for Key Malwares vulnerabilities observed in SIP Deployments
  • Supports SIP-TLS, Topology Hiding, CAC, Media Pin-holing, Hosted PBX, Domain routing

Basic Functions:

  • SIP Outbound/Inbound Trunk and domain policies to route the calls
  • Secure Remote access to Internal SIP PBX
  • Eliminates bad VolP signaling and media protocol at the network boundary
  • Built-in firewall which can controls IP Addresses/Port based Filtering, DOS/DDOS Attacks, IP Blacklist & NAT. 
  • It opens a pinhole in the firewall to allow VolP signaling and media to pass through
  • Media bridging, which may include Voice over IP and Fax over IP
  • Least Call Routing Re-Direct
  • DTMF Support for RFC2833/INBAND/SIP INFO

Advanced Features:

  • SIP Trunking (Connectivity)
  • Remote Worker (Roaming User)
  • SIP Registration Pass-thru
  • Core Session Router (Call Routing)
  • SIP Intrusion Prevention
  • DDoS / DoS Attack Protection
  • SIP Registration Scan Attack Detection
  • SIP Header Normalization
  • SIP Malformed Packet Protection
  • Topology Hiding
  • Call Access Control (Total calls per Trunk, Inbound/Outbound)
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Media anchoring
  • Call Security with TLS
  • Advanced NAT Traversal Capabilities
  • T.38 Fax Relay
  • CDR record generation
  • SIP Header Manipulation
  • IP Firewall
  • VLAN and Virtual IP support
  • Packet-to-packet call flows (B2B UA)
  • Media relay with dynamic pinhole control
  • SIP Request Rate Limiting
  • GUI Troubleshooting tools – Ping, Traceroute, Packet Capture, SSH Terminal

Manufacturer Allo
Product Type SBC

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