Supervoice SVC-WGSEHS1 EHS Adapter for Grandstream IP Phones

Brand: Supervoice
Product Code: SPRV-0021
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The SVC-WGSEHS1 Wireless Headset Adapter is perfect for connecting a Supervoice SVC-WDC10 or SVC-WDC20 Wireless DECT Headset to a Grandstream EHS compatible IP phone. Simple to use and install, allows users to control from the headset the off-hook, talk, and on-hook modes of the Grandstream IP phone in order to answer and terminate calls. The EHS Adapter connects between the Grandstream IP phone with EHS support and the Supervoice SVC-WDC10 or SVC-WDC20 Headset base unit.

  • Control the phone through a wireless headset
  • Plug and play connection, easy to use
  • Answer incoming calls through the remote wireless headset
  • Terminate calls using the remote wireless headset key
  • Incoming calls are signaled to the headset
Manufacturer Supervoice
Product Type EHS Adapter

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